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Seeds of Deception Cover.png

The action is back, this time Thomas Briggs heads to New York, and he has to find a way to clear his former informant and friend, Chico. Framed for murder of two DEA Agents, he was facing the death penalty. However, Briggs’ efforts to find the truth brings him face to face with someone from his past, who’s only agenda is to eliminate Briggs and everyone connected to him. Facing overwhelming odds, Briggs goes into survival mode for Stefani’s sake, until she is viciously attacked. That’s when Briggs turns on the switch, and now he was hell-bent on destroying everyone involved, and he wouldn’t stop until the one that’s haunted him for so long was dead.


After 50 years of healing, life in the small community of Pine Ridge was just getting back to normal. Very few were old enough to remember the horror that occurred in the neighboring town of Hattersville. Now, long abandoned, Hattersville was once a peaceful, happy community that was ripped apart by a soulless, blood thirsty beast. But even a half century of silence could not quell the evil that still lived among them. Now, it has awoken once again, a vengeful evil that feeds on death and destruction. Created to inflict eternal torment upon humanity by hate and Hell itself, can Pine Ridge survive the ancient power that has been unleashed, yet again. However, one man will take on the full force of this primordial demon, but does he have the strength to put an end to this curse once and for all.

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