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How I beat writers block

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

There's a lot of ways to beat writers block, people post them all the time, on social media, and blogs. But, none of them seem to work for me personally, however everyone is different. What doesn't work for me may work for you.

So, for those who can’t find any method that works, I’ll post what works for me, and maybe it will work for you too. The secret to curing writer’s block is to clear your mind, you need to stop the input overload. You don’t have writer’s block because there’s nothing in your head, it’s because you have too much in your head. It’s like trying to get to sleep with your mind racing, either you’re thinking of what happened through the day, or you’re thinking of what the next day is going to bring. Your mind is like a computer, and sometimes you just need to reboot, so you need to clear your mind to allow the inspiration, the creativeness to come through. Once you get that flowing, it will be smooth sailing. But, how to reboot your mind is the key, some will tell you that the best way to clear your mind is to meditate, or to lie in a room with no light or sound. Believe me, through personal experience this doesn’t work, it just gives you more time for thinking. The secret to clearing your mind is to disrupt it like a defibrillator does to a heart. I’m not saying to actually shock your brain, but you need to input something that’s going to disrupt your thoughts. The one method that seems to help me is to listen to music, but not just any music, I'm talking heavy metal hard rock music. You need a pair of sound canceling headphones, turn the volume up as high as you can without being painful and let it do its magic, and if you like heavy metal, all the better. the idea is to get your mind occupied by something totally out of the ordinary. Good luck.

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