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Challenges of getting published

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

Writing has always been a joy in my life, but like every writer, you want to be published. You’ve dedicated months to your writing, and now you want the opportunity to show the world your masterpiece. But now, the real work begins, trying to find a publisher that will take a chance on you and your manuscript.

This is when dedication comes into play because getting a publisher to accept your work is not easy. Its time consuming, mind numbing, and there are times you just want to give up after getting rejection after rejection. But, if you love writing as much as I do, the dedication and the determination will be there to continue. Just giving up is always the easy way out, but you can’t give up on something you truly love, this holds true for everything in your life. So, I didn’t give up, and my perseverance paid off, and after seven years I was finally published. Kellan Publishing decided that my manuscript was good enough to put out on the market.

However, the work didn’t stop there, it just became more intense. I still have to do my part to promote my book, but most important, I have to promote myself. I need to give the public a chance to get to know me and to convince them that my work was worth reading. But, to me, the hard work and the time I put in is all worth it, because writing is my passion, and I will never stop. So, whatever your true passion is, whether it be writing or some other endeavor, never give up. I would continue to write published or not because my desire is to write and to create. To read my work, you can order my book “Fortunes of Blood” at

You can find me at my website and you can also find me at.

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