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A writer's joys and tribulations

The mind of a writer is very turbulent, with an unending search for inspiration. You endure the sleepless nights with a literary whirlwind racing through your head, as in a twister, you see bits of debris swirling inside the vortex. In a writer’s mind, that debris are words, phrases, plotlines, characters, actions, emotions, how a story should begin, and putting together an amazing ending. As these thoughts are rushing through your mind, you are desperately trying to decode all of these concepts, and just maybe you are able to lay down the perfect paragraph. A paragraph so explosive, you jump out of bed and run to your desk to write down this great clue to what you feel is the first stepping stone that will soon be a fantastic story. Now, you’re sitting at your desk fully awake, what’s next, and as the whirlwind in your mind is at full speed, all you see is clutter, but in that clutter are characters you need to sift out, situations, actions, names. Characters that will literally jump out at the reader, but it is a slow, time consuming process, but to a writer, it is the greatest feeling to create an entire world out of the smallest of inspirations. Once your work is done, there is nothing greater than that magical connection between writer and reader. You may not get much sleep, but it is all worth it.

V.M. Tackett


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