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Book cover, "Fortunes of Blood"

Enjoy the small excerpt from

"Fortunes of Blood" 

 “Freeze!” a police officer shouted. “Now I want you to stand up, put your hands on your head, and continue to face away from me.”

Briggs obeyed the commands without a problem.

“Now, I want you to slowly step back to my voice!” said the officer.

He complied because he didn’t know how many cops were behind him. As he moved back toward the officer, he noticed a mirror at the end of the hall, and now he could see there were only two cops. He could also see that they both had their guns drawn, and by the look in their eyes they were very nervous. As Briggs backed up closer, the cop nearest to him holstered his weapon and then pulled out his handcuffs. The other cop stood ready with his gun pointed straight at Briggs.

Just as the cop grabbed for his wrist, Briggs spun around in a flash. As he grabbed the cop’s wrist, he spun him around and into a chokehold while pulling out his Beretta 9mm. He placed the muzzle of his gun to the cop’s head, and now he had the other cop to deal with. The second cop had no time to act because it all happened too fast, putting the first cop in the line of fire.

 “Now, I want you to put your gun down, or I’m going to put a hole straight through his head!” said Briggs.

 “I can’t do that. Now you need to drop your weapon and step back away from the officer.”

Briggs didn’t even twitch an eyelid as he pulled the hammer back on his Beretta. The cop could see it in the cold stare of Briggs’ eyes that he wasn’t going to back down, he knew he would pull the trigger.

 “Alright, alright, I’m putting it down, but you’re making a big mistake,” said the police officer.

In one slow motion, the cop placed his gun on the ground, and then Briggs ordered the cop to kick it over to him. After the gun was kicked over to Briggs, he told the officer to lie face down on the floor. Briggs placed his foot on the officer’s gun and slid it behind him. Briggs then released his hold on the first cop just long enough to pull his weapon out of his holster.

 “Now, why don’t you join your friend on the floor,” said Briggs.

Once both cops laid face down on the floor, he checked them for a backup weapon. The first cop was clean, but the second cop had an ankle gun, a small snub-nose .38. Briggs placed the cops back to back cuffing their hands behind them, and he interlocked the cuffs, making it almost impossible to get off the floor. But, before he left, he noticed a roll of duct tape on the kitchen counter, so he taped their mouths.

 Briggs patted them on the head, “Have a nice day, guys.”


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