Author Bio

Novelist, V.M. Tackett

V.M. Tackett is an up and coming author, and his

love for writing stretches back over three decades. Born in Los Angeles, California in 1965, his family soon relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, where his interest in writing came to life. He eventually moved to the great state of Alaska in 1984, where his love and devotion to writing continued to this day.

     But, his life has had its share of adversity. In 1997 he became disabled with major depression, and the only thing that pulled him through the dark days was his writing. Determined not to let the disease win. Proving that a disability, whether it be physical or mental cannot stop what is in your heart, and that is all that counts.

Now, with his writing back on track, his works include many genres ranging from horror to action/adventure. He also treats his two beautiful granddaughters with their own personalized children’s books. And what better place to acquire the inspiration needed than the quiet solitude of Alaska. His creativity is endless, and with the support of his family and friends, he hopes to continue his writing for another 30 years.